4 February 2017

While attending a prayer group in my friend’s home and praying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, our Lord Jesus appeared saying, “My children, how happy you make Me, surrounding My statue and praying. You have no idea how powerful is this prayer, because you beg My Mercy for the whole world.”

At that moment I felt something beautiful and uplifting in my heart.

Jesus said, “Right now I tell you, I use your prayer that you give Me so sincerely from your hearts. At that moment while you were praying, I opened the gates of America so people can come freely again. My children, you have no idea of the power of Divine Mercy and what it can do. It can change the most difficult situation, people just give up. No, My children, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet as often as you can through the day. You will experience miracles happening and you will save many souls when they are about to die. They can still be saved from falling into the Darkness.”

Jesus then said, “Your prayer unlocked the evil that restricted America from allowing people from going in and out. My children, consider yourselves very privileged to do all of this. I personally thank you and I bless you in a very special way.”

Our Lord Jesus was very joyful in telling me this good news. He really emphasised the Divine Mercy prayer.