15 February 2017

Mary MacKillop Chapel, Parramatta

After the Holy mass was finished I stayed in the chapel to pray the Divine Praises. On many occasions, our Lord taught me, that after the Final Blessing at the end of the mass, I should remain on my knees and pray the Divine Praises.

As I finished my prayers I stepped outside onto the footpath of the main street in Parramatta. As I stepped out onto the street and started walking towards the main Town Square towards the shopping centre I decided to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I decided to dedicate this prayer for the people in Parramatta.

Then, our Lord said, “Aren’t you going to ask Me. Am I going to bless all these people that pass you by?”

Suddenly, I was overcome by a most horrible smell. I immediately looked around to see if other people were reacting to this rotten smell just as I was, and to see where it was coming from.

I could see that people around me were not worried or affected by this rotten smell.

It was so terrible that I grabbed a tissue from my bag and held it tightly to my nose.

Our Lord said, “My child, don’t be alarmed with this unpleasant smell that is surrounding you. You are walking amongst corpses. They are alive, but spiritually they are dead. They are so corrupted with sin that the flesh on their bodies has already decayed and become rotten.”

As our Lord was telling me all this, the street scene before me suddenly transformed. The people walking past me and around me all transformed into walking corpses. It was a most horrible vision.

Our Lord said, “I allow you to see through My Eyes, at how I see the people walking in the world today.”

The smell was so bad. It was the smell of rotting and decaying corpses.

Jesus wanted to show me how our sins, in His Eyes are so horrible. They are like the rot of decaying bodies. Both visually and through the senses.

As people were passing me by on my right and on my left I could see people’s skin hanging off their arms.  I could see bones, pieces of dead, brown colour skin was hanging from their bodies. It was so frightful.

I said, “Oh my Lord my God have mercy on them.”

Their faces became deformed and disfigured with rotting decaying features. They looked like monsters.

This vision continued until I arrived at the entrance of the Westfield Shopping Centre and then it slowly vanished.

After seeing all that, I couldn’t eat anything for a while.

All the rot and decay of the corpses is the sin that people carry within themselves and have never repented of.

Our Lord said, “Always pray for non-believers and sinners. By reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which is so powerful, they can repent of their sins and still be saved.”

I was so shocked to see and experience what our Lord sees through His spiritual Eyes.

Lord have mercy on them. We should pray for people, pray for strangers we pass by on the street.