12 March 2017

St Raphael’s Church, Merrylands

In the church, during Holy Mass, when I received Holy Communion, I thanked the Lord for being so merciful to me and to all the people in the Church.

Our Lord Jesus then appeared and said, “My child, I am very sad and My Sacred Heart is very wounded for all the offences I receive in Holy Communion. The people receive Me with no repentance or confession beforehand. Only a few people attend Reconciliation regularly. My priests and bishops rarely give talks to tell people to go to Confession and to encourage everyone in the church to do so.”

“My priests and bishops are disobedient to Me. They even like to tell a joke so all the people will laugh and be happy. You should all be reverent in front of my Holy Presence and begging Me for My Mercy, because you all offend Me and you must remember that you are all sinners.”

“Tell people not to criticise my priests and bishops but rather to pray for them.”

“Right now in the world the devil is confusing My priests and My faithful. He tries very hard to destroy everything, especially My Church. He thinks he will, but I will not permit that to happen. I shall raise My Church from nothing to the Most High and My Church will be Holy and Sacred and Pure. My Church shall reach all the way to Heaven. People will once again rejoice in the churches. They shall praise Me for what I the Lord have said, the True and Solemn Word. The people shall be grateful and happy, for this is very near, nearer than you all think. Thank Me and praise Me for what I Am to do.”

I said, “Thank you sweet Jesus and our Lord. Have mercy on us.”