4th May, 2004

While travelling on the train and praying the rosary.

Our Lord Jesus spoke, “My children, have you noticed how I have shortened the time for you? Humanity lives in a terrible sin and corruption in this world. Do you know that I created a beautiful world for you to live in harmony and peace?”

“Instead, you all live in hatred and instability. How I would like to see you all happy. The world is in so much sin and darkness. People live in the dirt that harms their souls. So much dirt and mud weighs you right down. No one is free of evil deeds. Your spirit should be free to be able to communicate to your God.”

“Valentina, do you know, in the beginning man was free to come to Me in the spirit, free of all attachments to the world. Like a bird, he was happy in what I provided for him. The time passed and he became more and more materialistic and he slowly detached himself away from God. He started to accumulate more and more material goods and became a slave of himself and lost his spiritual wings and became more greedy. He made his own false idols on Earth.”

“How I suffer to see man so blind and ungrateful. 1 tell you, blessed are those who come to Me freely and love Me. My children, console Me by praying for the blindness of this humanity of no hope.”

“Pray to My Divine Mercy, so I can open their minds and hearts.”

“Pray for the world which lives in a terrible sin and darkness.”

“Pray, My children, to My Divine Mercy for the world so I can be merciful with your little sacrifices and offerings.”

“I bless you, My children, be at peace.”

I replied, “Lord, in your kindness and goodness, have mercy on us and on the whole world.” Valentina.