2nd May

Sunday. Our Lord Jesus appeared holding a large beautiful lamb in His arms. He said, “I am the good Shepherd. Valentina, lead My lost sheep to My safe refuge. Many are lost and astray. They need guidance to come to the Master who loves them.”

He continued, “I wait and hope for them to return, full of love and compassion to embrace them. Tell them they must hurry before it is too late, for the Master will soon close the gate of My Heavenly garden. They will knock and knock but I will not hear them. Now they deny Me and do not want to believe in Me, their God. People would rather live in the sin and pleasure the world offers them but soon I will judge the world and My mercy will be exhausted. I gave them enough opportunity and grace to find Me but they are not interested in that. Speak to them and tell them that My love and patience is enormous and they must listen and obey My words to come to the safe refuge of My Sacred Heart which bums with love for all of you. My children.”

I replied, “Jesus, Good Shepherd, have mercy on us.”