22nd April

The Holy Blessed Mary came to me carrying Baby Jesus. She placed Him in my arms, smiling and said.

“My Divine Son likes to come to you. He is always happy. He knows how much you love Him. Today I come to you to explain something.” (I had attended a group meeting earlier that day and at the end of the meeting they began talking amongst themselves and asking why Heavenly beings appear to me).

Holy Mary said, “Tell people that We choose you because you are sincere in your heart and are humble. All these years that We have appeared to you, you have remained on the same level and that pleases God very much. Others (seers) don’t remain on the same level and become vain. God chooses His apostles before you are created to obey His Holy Will, to teach you and guide you everyday and you must accept all kinds of trials and suffering that He sends you. To console Him and help save other souls.”

Holy Mary said, “We are very sad to see every day in your world there is so much evil and evil doings. It seems that no-one speaks the truth any more. Lie covers lie. Even in the churches, people like to be praised for every little thing that they do and they cover the bad they have done, but God sees the truth.”

Blessed Mother continued, “Nothing is hidden in God’s presence, everything is visible to Him. Oh, My children, you deceive yourselves if you think wrong doing is right. The whole world is living in a lie. My daughter, speak always the truth, the true word of God, and what we teach you. I know people don’t like the truth. Many ask, “why should we listen to her?” Tell My children graces are given to the ones that accept Our Holy word.”

While Blessed Mother was dictating this message to me, the Baby Jesus was pulling at my sleeve and playing with my rosary. I felt such a consolation and joy having Him near. At times I feel so discouraged and unhappy because many won’t accept what I tell them.

I replied, “Thankyou, Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus, have mercy on us”.