5 August 2021

Our Lady of the Snows

Souls tells me about a mother who had an Abortion

Early in the morning, while saying my prayers, the angel came and said, “Come with me.”

He did not tell me where we were going, but I soon realised we were in Purgatory, and there I found Blessed Mother! Oh, what a joy to see her.

Nearby was a building, and inside it was so untidy, full of paper, dirt and in need of much cleaning. I immediately knew the angel brought me here to clean this building.

I said, “I don’t know where to start.”

Blessed Mother said, “I will help you. Many souls are waiting for you to help them.”

As today is a feast day of Blessed Mother, many souls will go to Heaven.

I said, “But I can’t offer them anywhere because I can’t go to church.”

Blessed Mother said, “This will be sufficient what you are doing; cleaning for them. Cleaning their sins.”

We set about cleaning this place, which took us a very long time tidying up everything, picking up rubbish, making it spotless.

Suddenly, Blessed Mother left us, and the angel said to me, “When you finish, I will help you take this away, all the rubbish we collected.”

The angel then said, “Now, you have to go to another place, and you are going to receive the biggest bunch of flowers.”

We came to this other place where a lady came towards me and gave me a bunch of the most beautiful flowers. They were like brushes, of an orangey and pinkish colour. I had never seen these flowers here on earth. The lady said to me, “Now you take them to Blessed Mother. Take them to the Holy Mother because she is waiting for you.”

The angel and I were walking and walking as I held this big bunch of flowers in my arms. I could hardly carry them as the bunch was so large. We walked along a straight road and down a little valley, which appeared to be more of a remote place. There I could see a few people but not many. These people were walking back and forth.

One lady stopped me wanting to talk to me. She said, “My mother said that she had an abortion. I didn’t know, and now she is in very much trouble, in a lot of pain, and she has to do a lot of penance. Do you think you can go to her now and see her to help her?”

“My mother’s abortion affects me too. I didn’t know any of this, but now I know, and I have to suffer for it too,” she said.

I replied, “Look, I can’t go now; I have to deliver these flowers to the Blessed Mother. She is waiting for me.”

I left the lady and then walked through a little gate and stepped into this beautiful garden. I walked through this garden to where Blessed Mother was waiting. She greeted me with a smile. Surrounding Blessed Mother were many flowers, some in vases, while others were growing in the ground. Blessed Mother was wearing a lovely white tunic with a hue of blue. She was not wearing a veil.

I said, “Oh Blessed Mother, I was stopped along the way, but finally, I brought you the flowers.”

She smiled and said, “I was waiting for you to bring me the flowers. Do you know what the flowers you brought me today are for? You console my Son greatly. He is so offended by the world, and these flowers will greatly console Him.”

She helped me put them in a big beautiful vase. All the flowers were of medium height, and together we arranged them in the vase, and as we did so, they suddenly started to grow taller.

I exclaimed, “Blessed Mother, this is a miracle! Look how tall they have become.”

She said, “Everything is possible when you give something with your love.”

I was thinking, ‘I didn’t buy them; these flowers were given to me.’

She said, “Because you brought them for my Son.”

See, Blessed Mother gives the flowers to her Son, and she is radiantly happy as she does so.

She didn’t want the flowers for herself; she wanted them for her Son, who is so offended by the world. All our prayers, offerings, suffering and good deeds produce beautiful flowers that console our Lord.

Later on, I offered up to our Lord, the souls of the mother and daughter, for the abortion, and asked that He have mercy on their souls.