6 August 2021

Lord Jesus teaches on the Mystery of Heaven and the Spirit of God

I received this message on 16 October 2020. While I was praying the Divine Mercy prayers, Lord Jesus came to me. He came to explain how everything comes from His Spirit; He is, therefore, present everywhere.

Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, why do you worry so much? You know I love you, and we are always together, and I protect you, and you go through suffering. I give you suffering to save souls because you are My chosen victim soul, and you must help Me to bring souls to Me.”

Do you know I Am the Author of life? I Am the Author of all life. I possess all souls, and they live from My Spirit. When they are purified, and in Heaven, they come to Me. They inherit all My presence. I Am present in everything. Even if I Am not visible, I Am present. The whole Spirit is God’s Spirit. This means the souls possess all of that, and they live in God’s Grace, and they rejoice.”

I Am the Author of all life, and the Creator of everything, of all the UniverseOn earth, I give free will to people. Those who possess Me, rejoice because they know I Am present in them. Once people possess Me here on earth, I want to embrace them and hold them to Myself and protect them. When I Am protecting you, I follow you, I lead you, even though you do not see Me. You think I Am not present. I Am with you because I lead you in everything. I Am Alive!”

I Am the Author of life, life here on earth and life in Heaven. It is all Mine. However, here on earth, the evil possesses the world, and that is when people are away from Me. Those who do not want Me reject Me because they are worldly, and they do not understand because it is free will that I give them on earth. I Am very offended. Oh, how many times I feel so ashamedly rebuked on earth and cursed by people. It is hard for My Sacred Heart because I love everyone. If people do not do My will, then the evil comes. The evil is very quick to come and to possess the person. I do not want to force anyone, for I have given each person free will.”

I said, “O Lord, this is so beautiful. If I lived another hundred years here on earth, I would never be able to learn and know all of this, what you are showing me and explaining to me. It is such a great mystery.”

He said, “You will never understand My Mystery until you reach Heaven. Souls live in Me. I Am the Creator. I Am the Author of all; of nature, of every soul, of everything.”

He said, “Remember when you were taken to Heaven (message 21-May-2020), and you met Father Valerian and the other bishops and priests, and they invited you to come in, to join them. Right away, you lamented to Father Valerian about your son, and that he had died, and that you still feel sad. You were also telling him how bad it is in the world.”

“Do you remember how Father Valerian did not want to say much? He knew that I Am present. I Am very strongly present in the Spirit. You did not see Me, but I was present. Father Valerian knew that, so he did not say much to you. He only gave you encouragement to trust Me. But do you know I was there in the Spirit? I Am everywhere.”

“My Spirit is everywhere. My Spirit is Heaven that I create, and all the souls inherit that. They become completely transformed into the Spirit of God.”

“In Heaven, it is no more your Spirit. It is God’s Spirit afterwards. You are still free like you were, but you are God’s child. Can you understand?” He asked.

I said, “Lord, I feel embarrassed that I was talking, and You were listening.”

He said, “Even though you did not see Me, I was present. I Am present in everything. You will understand when you are in My presence. You will understand when you come to Heaven. All will be revealed to you who God really is. That is why the souls really thirst and hunger for My Spirit. They possess the Author of the possession of souls and of life. In Me, all Creation is continuously renewed and is alive. My Spirit is alive.”

Our Lord was explaining to me how in His Presence, everything is alive. Even the little animals, they obey, and they live in His Presence. It is all God’s movement in them. So many beautiful things He was explaining to me and telling me.

I said, “Lord, I could never figure all of this out. But since You are so powerful, why do You allow this evil, and permit people to be so evil?”

He said, “Prophecy must come to fulfilment. People on earth choose to be like that; to become sinful. So much sin. That is why the world suffers so much. But once it is changed and transformed into My Spirit, then it will be beautiful. It will be a new Creation again. I will revive a new Creation.”

Once again, our Lord reminded me of how I lamented to Father Valerian.

He said, “It was funny how you were talking to Father Valerian. You thought you were on earth, and as you would on earth, you lamented to him.”

I said, “Lord, you know I would go to him and lament to him and tell him about how I was feeling.”

He said, “He didn’t want to comment too much because he knows that he lives in My Spirit and My Spirit is all present. So, he knew all of that. That is why he tried to encourage you, telling you to have courage and to trust in Me. See, you would not have known that My Spirit is everywhere.”

Our Lord was explaining how they, in Heaven, inherit His Presence, and they are possessed by the Spirit of God. That is why the souls aim so much to go to the Lord because they no longer live on their own. The soul and the Spirit are completely renewed, and go back to God and are renewed all in the Spirit of God, and manifest in God. He is the Author of life. I don’t know if many priests and bishops know about all of this; how they in Heaven are possessed by the Spirit of God.

“Sometimes you do not see Me in Heaven, but I Am present, I Am always present because My Spirit is everywhere. The souls inherit My Spirit. That is why they feel so joyful and peaceful because they inherit My Spirit. That is their reward,” said our Lord.

Our Lord explained that on earth, people could also be possessed by Him if they obey Him. If they live a good life, a chaste life, are charitable and give good teachings to others, they are then already possessed by the Spirit of God. Maybe not entirely, but they are. It was so beautiful how our Lord was telling me all of this, teaching me about the mystery of how souls live from Him and how our Lord possesses every soul.


Lord Jesus, thank you for this beautiful teaching.