5 May 2016

Ascension of our Lord

Every night after my prayers and thanksgiving to God, I ask the Lord Jesus to bless everyone in every country.

I said, “Lord you might as well bless the whole world and give peace to every nation.”

When I offered my prayers, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me. He said, “Our Lord Jesus sent me to tell you that He hears your prayer, when you ask Him to bless the whole world.”

The Angel said to me, “He is very upset about the state of the world.”

The angel was holding in his hand a cone and on top of the cone was a ball. I thought it was an ice-cream cone. He said, “Take this in your hand. Our Lord Jesus sent it to you.”

I was thinking how this is different. How kind of our Lord, He knows I like sweets. He sent me this present.”

The angel smiled and said, “You will see the meaning of all of this. You must take the cone and eat it.”

When I took the cone in my hand, I could see outlined on it the map of the whole world. I could see Australia, Europe and America.

I took a bite of the cone. It had such a beautiful texture, light, very sweet, nothing comparable to any taste in the world.

I said to the Angel, “Oh, it is very sweet and beautiful!”

He said, “It will be sweet in your mouth but bitter in your stomach. You must eat all of it.”

The Angel watched me as I consumed the whole ball.

I said, “I just swallowed the whole world.”

“That’s right!” he said. “The world sinks down into a deep hole. It’s like the abyss. So sinful is the world. So much blasphemy towards God. He can no longer watch humanity behave like this.”

The angel was telling me and explaining all this to me. I was feeling very sad at how bad everything is in the world.

I said to the Angel, “What can I do in reparation for all of this?”

The Angel turned to me and, shaking his head from side to side said, “You do not have to do anything. You are already doing everything that has to be done. Tell people to pray. It is the darkness of sin that is causing all of this and causing the world to sink into the abyss.”