Sunday, 24 April 2016

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

As Holy Mass was about to begin, I was making my Mass offerings and intentions. I was offering up all the Holy Souls that I had experienced during the past week, and also the souls that were in my room this morning.

Many of the souls that were in my room this morning were from Equador, from the region of the most recent earthquake. There were many children among them, and they were speaking in their own language. They were speaking Spanish.

Our Lord Jesus said, “While you are offering all of these souls to Me, I want you to also offer Me all Bishops, Priests and Cardinals, especially those who are already deceased. Many of them are suffering for their wrongdoings in the Church and for disobeying My Commandments.”

He said, “You would be very surprised, some of them are in the deepest darkness of Purgatory, and they seek your help and My Mercy.”

“Now, I am speaking to you about Bishops and Priests that are still alive and are committing the gravest sins. Their sins offend Me so much.”

Our Lord said, “My child, I am deeply embarrassed in front of the whole congregation in Heaven.”

At that moment, I could see our Lord in Heaven, and the whole Heavenly Court – all the Apostles, Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests surrounding Him and praising Him unceasingly.

I said, “Lord, You should be happy that they praise You and love You so much, and they also console You.”

Our Lord said, “I am still very sad and grieve for those who are still alive, because they offend Me, through the sins they are committing. There are only a very few of My Priests and Bishops in the world today who are truthful and sincere to Me.”

He said, “Pray for Pope Francis. He tries to do the right thing and to teach My Holy Word, but he has many enemies around him. They try to confuse him. Pray for him because he also suffers.”

I said, “Lord, since You are so upset and so sad, there is always a little corner in my heart where I can hide You and protect You from all of these offences that You receive.”

As I tried to console our Lord I made a gesture with my hands. I crossed them over my chest and I lovingly embraced our Lord in my heart.

I could see our Lord become very emotional with tears.

He said, “Thank you My child for understanding Me and consoling Me. I desire that My children would do the same, but they don’t understand that God also need consolation.”

Lord, be merciful to those alive and deceased.