Friday 22 April 2016

Watching the evening news

While I was watching the evening news, there was a report from China, about a powerful dust storm which occurred during a school sports event. They showed at least two twisters form minutes apart. They showed how a powerful twister lifted many objects into the air, but the most frightening sight was when the twister lifted a school boy off the ground into mid-air.

There were at least two twisters one after the other, minutes apart, lifting objects into the air. I then heard a voice say, “Let us go down there to correct My children for doing wrong.”

In my heart I knew it was God the Father speaking. We cannot point at just these people because God the Father will correct others also where there is wrongdoing.

Our Lord said, “Tell people not to be curious and ask ‘what is new? what is going to happen in the world?’  but to live the Word and reflect on the messages and what Heaven desires.”

Prayer, conversion, trust in God and pray for sinners!