Receiving Holy Communion in a State of Grace

One day our Lord appeared to me in church. He explained to me how deeply people offend Him by receiving Holy Communion with an unrepentant heart and without confession.

In a vision Jesus showed me the Soul of a person receiving Holy Communion. The chest was completely black and in darkness. He showed me that when the person ¬†receives Holy Communion, the little white Host is ‘sandwiched’ in the blackness in the person’s soul. I could see a layer of blackness on either side and, in between a little white Host.

Jesus said, “People think if they receive Me I will cleanse them automatically. It does not work that way. How deeply I Am sacrileged.”

“I cannot purify or cleanse you without you confessing your sins to Me. My children, you have to be very sorry for having offended Me. By doing repentance, and being truly sorry from your heart, then slowly I cleanse you.”

“The darkness of your soul then slowly becomes lighter and lighter until I completely purify you and you become white.”

“Avoid falling back into old habits of committing sin, of continuing to receive Me in a sinful state. Your life must change.”

I could see the darkness of the soul was like mud. While repenting and being sorry for your sins the darkness changes to grey, like a mist which then changes to white once your soul becomes pure, then God will embrace you with His Love.

Do not be afraid to go to Jesus in confession. He is a good Father. He loves you and will embrace you when you confess your sins and truly repent.