5th March 2018

Nature obeys the Lord


Today, I learned something beautiful from our Lord Jesus.

I went to rake some leaves in the garden and surprisingly there were only a few leaves on the ground. I said to myself, “Gee, that is strange, usually the ground is covered full of fallen leaves. It usually takes me an hour to rake them.”


Within ten minutes I had finished raking all the leaves and I thought to myself, “This is the quickest it has ever taken me to rake the leaves.”


I came back in the house just in time to watch the six thirty evening news. As I sat down, our Lord suddenly appeared to me and with a gentle smile, He said, “Did you notice that there weren’t many leaves on the ground?”


I said, “Yes, my Lord, there were only a very few.”


Our Lord Jesus smiled and said, “I told the tree not to drop the leaves so that you will not have to rake them for too long.” As He said this I started to laugh.


I said, “Lord, really, you told the tree not to drop the leaves?”


He said, “Yes!”


I said, “And the tree obeyed You? It did whatever You told it to do?”


He said, “Yes. Everything obeys Me except humans.”


It made me think how disobedient we are towards God. I was completely surprised when our Lord said this to me. I had such a beautiful feeling and a joy in my heart. It uplifted my spirits. When we are united with our Lord He reveals many things and He teaches us about His Creation. That our Lord would talk to the tree and the tree would obey Him is something I never understood before.


The way our Lord came with such beautiful gentleness and patience to teach me, touched my heart deeply. I felt such a joy. It is something new I had learned today. I knew that our Lord God created nature but I never knew He talked to nature.


The angel said, “Our Lord would prefer that more churches be built on earth, so that people can go into them to pray, instead of cutting down so many trees to make way for more and more buildings. Concrete buildings bring more heat to the environment. More concrete means that the ground heats up more and then the heat rises into the atmosphere causing more hot weather.”

Thank you, Lord for your beautiful teaching.