9th March 2018

Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary


While I was praying the Angelus our Blessed Mother appeared. She was very sad. She said, “My loving daughter, once more I come to warn people, to turn away from evil sin, which leads many to Hell. Today, I choose to come to you at seven o’clock in the evening, which represents the Seven Dolors, the Seven Sorrows which I endured with my Divine Son Jesus, your Lord and God.”


While you live on this planet earth, my Son Jesus wants you to contemplate the Seven Sorrows and pray often to console my Immaculate Heart which grieves for the world. How sad I am to see that many of my children go astray every day and are led to the terrible sins of the flesh, through seeking pleasure and entertainment.”


“They are led astray because there are not many who can teach these young people to take the right road and to live decent lives. Look at me how I cry. Please help me. Tell others to convert and come back to my Son Jesus before it is too late.”


Blessed Mother departed looking very sad. She was begging and begging, but not many people take notice. We should all pray more for the young people of the world and encourage them to turn to God.