7 January 2023

The Time of Mercy is Coming to an End

During the night, I suffered a lot from the pain in my leg. When I started to pray in the morning, the angel came and said, “Come with me. We will visit the souls in Purgatory. And I will show you how many are waiting to be helped and delivered to our Lord Jesus.”

When we arrived at this particular place in Purgatory, there were souls everywhere. I said to the angel, “I thought they went to Heaven for Christmas.”

The angel smiled and said, “Many went, but many stayed behind. It was not their time to go to Heaven yet, as they still needed to be purified.”

“Don’t worry. I have come to help you. So instead of being by yourself and doing all the work you have to do for the souls in one hour, I will help you, and we will do it in half of the time.”

“Oh, how kind of you,” I said.

The angel said, “I have been helping you many times before. Maybe you don’t remember me?”

“I thought you looked familiar,” I said to the angel.

He said, “Our Lord Jesus sends us to help you and to guide you. You are never alone, even when you don’t see us.”

“I have to tell you what is coming to the world. From now, and for two to three years, these will be very hard and difficult times on earth. After that, it will be all good. You have to endure more that is still ahead of you. But do not lose hope. Tell people to change and repent and to trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

After that, the angel said, “Come with me. I have something else to show you.”

Suddenly we found ourselves in Heaven. The angel said, “Remember the Washroom, where you were shown the soap of Mercy, and God the Father spoke to you? He said that He will be closing the Washroom soon, that this is the last bar of soap, that there will be no more soap to wash away sins and that people need to repent. There will be no more mercy, and He really means it.”

Then the angel lead me to the Washroom. He said, “Go and have a look. Open the soap container.”

As I opened the all-white container, to my surprise, there was no soap. It was empty. I looked around the room to see if there was any soap to be found. There was no soap anywhere. I started to get really worried.

The angel was standing at the door when he said, “See, there is no more soap. People are not taking this seriously. The Time of Mercy is coming to an end.”



God has given us a Time of Mercy, before the change to the New Era. Our Lord is gradually changing the world. There will be a transformation. Do not be afraid because, through His Mercy, He will make it good.

When God changes the world, He will remove all the evil from the world.

He wants us to pray for the conversion of sinners, to remain humble and not be too curious.

Lord Jesus, have Mercy on us and on the whole world.