8 January 2023

A Soul Hungry for Help

This morning there was a soul in my room seeking help. I almost thought he was an intruder. He was lying on the floor, exhausted. I asked him, “What are you doing here?”

Immediately I grabbed my holy water bottle and began to spray the room.

He started to speak. He said, “Lady, don’t spray me. I am not an intruder. I have just come to ask you to help me. I am so hungry. Please help me. Lady, you don’t know from how far I have come.”

I looked at him. He was exhausted.

The man was dressed very poorly, like a beggar in poor grey and brown coloured clothes. He looked like a street person, a beggar, with no money, with nothing. As he got up, he picked up a bundle of clothing, which he carried with him, including items that looked like ladies’ lingerie (a white camisole and something pink). He was holding onto them tightly and would not let go. I felt sorry for him.

I said to him, “Oh, you were flirting with the ladies. No wonder you are here.”

Then all of a sudden, a piece of cake, like a little apple pie, appeared in my hand. I offered it to him to eat. He took it, and I watched as he really gulped it down quickly. This means that he is really hungry for our prayers and offerings.

Today, at the Holy Mass, I offered him to our Lord. I pray that our Lord will grant him pardon.