8 January 2023

Lord Jesus speaks about the Late Pope Benedict

Today during the Holy Mass, Lord Jesus said, “Pope Benedict was beautifully welcomed among his other Popes. He rejoices with them.”

“He is overwhelmed with the beauty of Heaven and the peace and joy there. It is all so new to him, this beauty he experiences in Heaven. He is really joyful.”

He is really in Heaven. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Our Lord showed me in a vision, Pope Benedict being beautifully welcomed into Heaven. I saw him looking with amazement at the warmness of the welcome he received from the saints around him.

He met Pope John Paul II and many of the previous Popes. There was a large group of them. He looked so young and dressed as a Pope, in a white cassock with a deep red and gold embroidered cape.

Our Lord said, “He wrote a lot of good things about the Catholic Faith in his books. You should read them. They are good.”