7 May 2021

Baby Jesus shivering from the cold

In the morning, while I was praying, Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus as a little toddler.

Blessed Mother said, “I brought you my Son. He is very cold. He needs to be covered up and dressed.”

“Why is He cold? I asked

“He is cold because there is so much coldness from people, and rejection of my Son in the world. That is why He feels cold,” She said.

“When you speak to people about my Son, and when you praise my Son, and they listen to you, then in this way you dress Him in beautiful warm clothes.”

“The more you talk beautifully to people about my Son, and introduce Him to others, then you dress Him.”

I saw how His little Body was shivering from the cold. Nearby I saw a little child’s singlet, I took it, and I put the little singlet on Him.

He looked at it, and immediately He reacted as a child would react to something he doesn’t like.

“I don’t want it!” He said.

So, He pulled it off Himself and threw it.

In a gentle voice, Blessed Mother said, “He likes to be dressed in a little jacket.”

Nearby I saw a little white jacket, so I picked it up and put it on Him.

Then, Blessed Mother said, “He wants another jacket as well.”

Again, I saw another white jacket, slightly longer than the first one. I picked it up and put it on baby Jesus, over the first jacket.

I could see He was pleased with this.