6 May 2021

Flying around the World with the Angel


I had suffering throughout the night, but at about five o’clock in the morning, the angel came to me and said, “Come, I have to explain to you and show you the things our Lord wants you to know and to see.”


The angel took me in some kind of vehicle, flying up high. We were seated on a blue seat, next to each other, the angel seated on my right side. The angel that accompanied me was very beautiful. He was tall and strong.  I have seen him before.


I said to the angel, “We are really flying.”


Behind me, I could hear the engine whirring, like that of a helicopter, but there was no pilot, just the angel and me.


The angel said, “Don’t worry, I just want to show you above the places.”


He said, “Look how atheist the world is becoming. Our Lord is so offended. Valentina, you have to tell people to change their way of life.”


The angel showed me the trees and nature losing their leaves, all dry, and they were falling from the trees. Some trees had bundles of dried leaves tied up in a mesh wire, and they were all together, hanging off the trees. 


Referring to the dry leaves, the angel explained, “These are all souls, alive on earth, who don’t believe in God anymore.”


Some of the trees were completely covered with mesh wire, with all the dry leaves collected and tied up to the tree. But then there were brown and dry leaves scattered on the ground.


I said to the angel, “I already know about this. Our Lord showed me many years ago, all the dry trees and leaves. I saw a big patch of this.”


The angel said, “Yes, but what you saw then, that was only a small part. I am showing you how now it has spread all over the world. It is becoming so bad, that if people do not pray and convert, the less the people will believe in God, and the worse it will become. This is a big warning.”


In different places, I could see how all the trees and nature, were all brown with their foliage all falling onto the ground and crumbling. We went everywhere around the world in this helicopter-type vehicle. We were flying over the countries of the world as they are today


We flew over Europe. We could not see any people but just dead leaves and dry nature everywhere. 


I was very shocked at what I saw, I said to the angel, “But now it’s spring in Europe. All the nature should be green and alive.”


He said, “The dead nature represents the atheist world, and the dry leaves mean the people living in these places, have no life in them.”


The angel said, “The dry leaves are collected in a bunch, and that’s how people are in a big way. They are together. They are godless. They are all godless; hardly any people on earth have any faith now. And it will become so bad that the living will envy the dead, because they turned away from God.”


I listened the angel as He said, “God is the only life. He gives life. He is the Author of all life.”


We then flew over Australia. The angel said, “Well, you better warn the people of Australia and tell them to pray. Australia will be ablaze again. There will be a fire again.”


“Oh, not again,” I said.


He said, “You better warn people to pray because it is going to be horrific.”


“But when will this happen?” I asked.


He said, “Well, it’s the month of May now, and it is coming towards summer.”


I said, “I had better warn the government.”


He said, ‘Yes, you’d better tell people to pray for Australia.”


As we were moving over these places I could the engine running behind me, and the angel to my right. As we were flying over many different parts of the world, the angel continued to talk saying,  


“It is going to be so bad in the world because the people don’t pray and are not converting. The only refuge will be your prayers and going to church, attending Holy Mass, if you can go.”


“The whole world is now atheist. Only little groups of people are believers, but the rest are all non-believers. The Coronavirus is nothing compared to the loss of faith of the people. People lose their faith, and when they die, where are they going to go?” he asked


The angel said, ‘Valentina, when you go to people’s homes, you must tell them that God is the Author of life. He creates life. Without God, no one will exist! But today, they try to brainwash people that God doesn’t exist.” 


The vehicle we were flying in came down and landed on sandy soil.


We stepped out of the flying vehicle and onto the soft sandy ground. On a hill we could see a quite a large house. The angel did not tell me which country we were in, but I could no longer see dry leaves and dead vegetation, so I think we were in Heaven.   


As we were stepping out the angel said again, “Well Australia will have its share again. You better tell people to pray because there will be a major fire. A blaze of fire.’


 “Last time the fire came the people did not change. Catastrophic events will happen everywhere, wherever there is dryness in the world because they don’t want God.”

 The angel said, “Come a Lady is waiting for us there.”


Immediately I knew it was Blessed Mother. 


 The angel said, “We have to report what I showed you to the Mother of God.”


 We walked up a slight hill towards the big, beautiful house, with its door wide open.


We stepped inside the house, and Blessed Mother greeted us. She wore a light pale blue tunic and no veil on her head because she was in Heaven.


The angel said to Blessed Mother, “I showed Valentina everything that our Lord wants her to know.”


Blessed Mother said, “We already know all of that which is going on in the world, but we want you to witness it. That is why you were taken to see for yourself how bad the world is, how that offends my Son. People don’t believe in Him anymore. The souls are dry like the dry leaves. They keep falling off, and this is all over the world.”


I said, “Blessed Mother, there are still some people that are praying.”


“Yes,” she said, “But it is only a very small group. My Son needs people to pray more widely. People have given up on prayer.”


I said to the angel, “I think somebody has to say to the priests enough is enough. You better believe, and you better change and speak the truth to people and people you better listen because God is offended.”


Blessed Mother was sad, but she had a smile on her face. She said, “Yes, if they would listen.”


Later in the day in the church, Blessed Mother said, “All is true what the angel revealed to you today. It is all coming, and worse.”


Lord Jesus have Mercy on us and on the whole world.