7 November 2017

7 November 2017

Vision of our Blessed Mother in the Sky


This morning about 9.30am I was in my back garden. It was a beautiful morning, I was praying the “I Believe” and I was saying a decade of the Rosary for the Holy Souls, when suddenly I felt in my heart to look up to the sky.


As I looked up, all of a sudden, right above my garden, I could see a shape of an arch, which was surrounded by a misty golden aura. In the centre of the arch, I could see our Blessed Mother standing. She had her hands held in Grace. She was dressed all in pure white.


As soon as I saw the Mother of God, I bowed my head and made the Sign of the Cross. I glorified her saying, “Glory to you my Mother, how beautiful you are.”


Not far from her, a few metres to her right, I could see a patchwork of many colours such as orange, purple, green and red. I knew in my heart that these colours were a warning sign as I had seen them before. Blessed Mother had previously explained to me, “Every time you see these colours appearing in the sky, that means that God is about to send a punishment to the world.”


When I saw the patches of colour I said to Blessed Mother, “Mother, you are trying to tell me something. Something is going to happen somewhere in the world.”


She said, “Every time you see these patches of colour, they are signs from Heaven, from God that something will happen in the world, some kind of disaster. It can happen anywhere. It can happen in two days time, it could be the next day or it could be in five days time. That is why I have come to tell you, my child, to tell my children to pray. Many bad things are happening in the world and they will continue to happen. People must return to God and change their way of life. They should live a good and pure life, not a sinful one.”


This must be very urgent that Blessed Mother herself has come to ask for prayer and conversion. I felt in my heart that she said, “Son, let me go and warn my children before the event happens.”


The vision was so vivid, so alive. Never before have I seen Blessed Mother appear beside the patches of colours as I have seen today.


The vision lasted for quite a long time.


Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.