8 November 2017

8 November 2017

The World will be much smaller


In the morning while I was praying, the angel appeared to me and said, “I was sent by the Lord to remind you that the Lord is very offended by the world now. It is so sinful. There is so much wretchedness, evil and injustice in the world. Our Lord can no longer watch and tolerate all this sinfulness.”


He said, “I also want to remind you that our Lord spoke to you previously that He is preparing to change the world. He is working on this right now. The world will be much smaller than it is now. He will purify the world.”


I asked the angel, “Do you mean that the earth itself will be much smaller?”


He said, smiling, “Not by the size of the globe but by the number of inhabitants on earth. That will be much smaller.”


He continued, “Your task is to tell people to convert and to come to know Jesus, our Lord, to come to Him and to repent.”


Very seriously, the Angel then said, “There is very little time left for people to change and to convert.”