7 November 2020

Dress decently in our Holy Presence
First Saturday Prayer Group

During the prayers, in a group that I attend every First Saturday, the Blessed Mary Most Holy said, “My children, how happy I am when you gather around me and my Son Jesus, and you offer all your petitions to us, even for your brothers and sisters in the world that do not pray. That pleases me very much because you are charitable and not selfish. It is for the salvation of their souls.”

Then the statue of Mary that was in the centre of the room suddenly came alive. I saw our Blessed Mother go up to the children that came with their parents to the prayer group.

Blessed Mother said, “My children, I like to teach you, and tell you as a mother would do. When you are in our presence, my Son and I would like to correct you and tell you to wear decent clothes, to cover your flesh and not expose it. I want to tell you lovingly and not to offend you.”

“I also want my children to come to Church decently dressed, not exposing your nakedness, because that offends God very much. Wherever you gather, together in prayer, in Church, everywhere in the world, God wants His children to cover their nakedness, their flesh, because that offends Him very much in front of all of Heaven,” She said.

Blessed Mother continued, “It will bring consequences for you, for your soul, sometime after you die. You will have to give an account of your wrongdoings. We love you, and want good for all of you, to lead you on the right path of salvation.”

“Valentina, tell my children what we tell you. We are truly present when you open your hearts and pray to us,” She said.

I said, “Thank you, Blessed Mother, for teaching us. Please ask Lord Jesus to have mercy on us all.”