12 November 2020

Pray for World Leaders

In the evening, I was praying the Rosary, the Luminous Mysteries. I was about to pray the third decade; the Proclamation of the Kingdom of God, when I decided to offer it to Blessed Mother for her intentions.

I said, “Blessed Mother, I will give this decade of the Rosary for your intentions.”

Blessed Mother responded, “Why don’t you pray this decade for the leaders of the world? They need a lot of prayers to be able to make the right decisions for their people.”

So, I started to pray as Blessed Mother requested. While I was meditating on the third Luminous Mystery, through my spiritual eyes, I could see President Trump and understood that he was the one who needs the most prayers. Very vividly He was coming to me. I also asked the Holy Souls to pray for him.

I said, “Holy Souls, you also intercede for President Trump and pray for him.”

The Holy Souls can do that for the living.