8 August 2021

Trust in Our Lord

In the morning, while I was praying, I was taken by an angel to Purgatory. We came to a place where there were many apples. We both started picking up the apples and placing them in large containers.

After a while, the angel then said, “We are almost finished.”

“This is all the fruit you have produced, through all your suffering, since the time you could no longer go to Church,”

I continued to suffer in my leg for the Holy Souls, but I could not take them with me to Holy Mass due to all the Churches being closed.

Quite pleased, the angel said, “Look how much fruit you have produced and how beautiful they are!”

After we finished, we left this place. Then the angel and I walked down a little way, and there we came across a group of ladies. I saw people that I know are still alive, and they were all around the Altar.

I was going to offer them the apples. I said to the angel, “I know one of the ladies, and I know she serves Holy Communion.”

With all my heart, I wanted to say hello to her and said, “Come here, I will give you some apples.”

But the lady did not take much notice of me and just proudly walked away, as did the other ladies. This was for me to see them and that when these ladies die, they will have to suffer in Purgatory.

We then came to another place, and there I could see what looked like a minibus, the door was open, and I could see a group of people inside. I stopped there, as I thought they were souls that need help, but the angel warned me and said, “Just listen to what you are going to hear, but be careful and do not fear for I am with you, but you are going to be approached by a lie.”

I asked them, “Are you people in Purgatory? I can help you.”

They did not answer me but said, “We were waiting for you because we want to tell you to leave us alone and to stop offering the world to Him because He has got nothing to do with it. The world is ours, and we are in charge of it.”

I realised these people were demons. I said, “Yeah, all the evil things that you are doing, you are nothing! “

All of a sudden, a big lady appeared next to me, with some other people behind her, and she said, “Who do you think you are telling people about Him? Him!”

“You keep offering all the things to Him, and you said, for the Coronavirus to get better in the world. It will not get better. Just to let you know, we are in charge of the world, not Him. We are going to do what we want to do!”

Holding some grain of dirt in my hand, I said to her, “Listen to me, I don’t care who you are or what you are. Do you see this little grain of dirt? That is what you are. Nothing! Nothing is done without God. The evil Coronavirus wouldn’t move or spread, and people would not be able to live if God did not permit it, but all you want to do is put fear in people.”

The lady was listening to me and then said, “Leave us alone! We know what we are doing. We are in charge of the world. Stop praying for the world.”

On purpose, I offered the whole world to our Lord.

The angel then said to me, “Do you see how the lies are spread everywhere now. They [demons] are in control of this earth now.”

The angel said, “Fear not and don’t worry, because most of the people in the world today are lying.”

I wasn’t fearful. I was telling all of them how God is powerful.

I said to the angel, “One thing that our Lord taught me and showed me is that I would always praise Him no matter who comes, even if they threaten to take my life. I would praise our Lord and tell them how powerful and holy He is.”

The angel said, “That is good; you have strong faith in our Lord.”

The angel then brought me home.

Later that evening, I said to our Lord, “Lord, how am I going to go to Church if it comes to that, that we have to show that we have been vaccinated?”

Our Lord smiled and said, “I will make you invisible. You have to trust Me, be patient, trust a little longer, you will see.”

Our Lord knows all.