8th February 2013

After I spoke with a good friend of mine Francesco, who lives in Italy. He is
from Ascoli Piceno of the region of Marche in Italy. Francesco was telling me of how in his home town they offer perpetual adoration for many years. I was so happy for him and all his fellow worshipers who love Jesus so much.


After we ended our .conversation on the phone. I knelt down and praising our Lord I said, Lord Jesus, how wonderful these people love you and adore you they are so faithful to you.

Our Lord instantly answered me. Our Lord said, My daughter tell Francesco and all his devoted people that because of their devotion, I shall protect their city when the chastisement will come. Because of their small and faithful group their city will be protected and spared.

After I thanked our Lord I said, Lord you are such a good and merciful God that you would spare their entire city with only a small group of faithful followers, you would do so much. He answered, Yes, I will do that. I promise he said, tell them to be courageous and continue to be faithful because I love them very much.


Please people come and adore our Lord and pray for your cities and countries you will receive many graces.



Since the 12th of December 2012, My son had a very severe heart attack. He was hospitalised for a fortnight causing me untold stress. I thank our Lord for saving him.

During a prayer for my son, Jesus appeared and told me that my son would be alright and that the doctors would help him.

As well, the mother of my grandchildren was very ill with Pancreatic cancer.


On February 21st 2013, in early morning our Blessed Mother appeared, clothed as She was in Fatima. She was accompanied by an Angel, his arms outstretched. Over his arms was folded a white mantle. Mary said, “My daughter, today I come to
reward you with a beautiful grace.”

She turned to the Angel and took the mantle and draped it around my shoulders, it came only below my knees.

Then Holy Mary said, “No, no, this is not right, it is too short,” and took it off and handed it back to the Angel.

She then said, “I will wrap you in My own mantle.” She loosened the clasp and took the mantle and wrapped me in it.

She then said, “That’s better.” I was pleading, “Oh no, Blessed Mother, I am not worthy.”


Holy Mary said, “Yes, you are. You are worthy to be covered with My holy mantle.”
All the while embracing me. I thanked them feeling very happy.

People, I tell you, the boy’s mother passed away at 11.30 that same morning. All this was given to me to give me strength to cope with all that is happening in my family.