Sunday Mass. After receiving Holy Communion our Lord Jesus spoke, “My Child, I want to tell you how much I am offended by the sacrilege during reception of Holy Communion. It tears My Heart into pieces. People receive Me with no remorse for the sin in their hearts. It is becoming a habit everywhere. They just follow each other in a queue, standing and stretching out their hands to receive My Body like a biscuit. No reverence whatsoever!”

“My child, please console Me. Offer your suffering with love. I will accept it and I will know we are one in this. I want you to tell My Priests to explain more to people how sacred is My Body. A lot of people don’t know everything. They must be instructed to honour Me with great respect.”


“My children, I died for you on the cross and I suffered. You cannot imagine how much I suffered in order to give you life.”

Our Lord was so sorrowful with tears on His Holy Face showing me how casual people are during Holy Communion.

Lord have mercy on us.