9 September 2021

I Am Omnipotent and Almighty God, and I can Change Things

This morning when I prayed, I consecrated myself, my family and all the people to the united Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary.

Our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “I come to tell you and to give you hope and to remind you not to fear the constant threats from the government and all the false things they try to put into people’s heads to make them believe.”

“I tell you, you are now very much controlled and threatened by the government, and they try to force people to obey the ‘law’. Oh, how I wait for My people to see and to understand how society forces you to believe and tells you, that you are not safe unless you take the injection.”

“I tell you they are all lying to you,” said the Lord.

“This is just an excuse so that they can know everything about you. You are not free anymore but controlled by evil people; how I beg you to change and to repent to come to Me, to the safe Refuge.”

“I also remind you, fear not, I Am always protecting you.”

“You must remember that I Am Omnipotent and Almighty God, and I can change things. Have faith in Me, pray and trust Me.”