9th JULY, 1992

Message given the morning after prayer meeting and talk about messages and Heavenly experiences.

Between 3am and 5am while reciting The Holy Rosary, Blessed Mother appeared to me and She was very happy. She greeted me and said, “My child, today I come to you most joyful and thankful that you praised My Beloved Son Jesus so beautifully when you spoke to that group of women and their enthusiastic response to every Holy word you spoke.”

“My children, if you could only see and experience how happy this makes My Son and I, you would praise Him non stop, night and day and love Him with all your heart. See My child, when you all praise Him, He forgets about His suffering and the agony He went through for all of you. Praise and love My Beloved Son, praise Him every minute and give Him thanks and glory. At this moment He will pour many graces upon you and will forget our offences and also the bad things that are happening in the world. Valentina, when you see a glowing golden light, it means that My Son and I are with you. Other children, who don’t see and experience what you do, still tell that we are present with them and to watch out for any sign of Our presence around them and that We are always near.”

“My children, when you pray remember that My Son listens to all your prayers and petitions. He covers you and embraces you with His special graces that come from Heaven. The grace of joy and happiness.”

“Again, I repeat. My child, I greet you with The Three Tears of Joy and Happiness. These tears are not of sorrow but of joy and gratitude for your love.” At that moment I saw three tears that looked like pearls coming down from Our Blessed Mothers right eye, on to Her cheek.

Then Blessed Mother said, “From 3am to 5am is a special time of grace when you pray. I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of The Holy Spirit.” She then departed very joyfully.

Our Beautiful Mother from Heaven we love You and praise You and Your Son Jesus forever.