2nd June, 1992

At night, I was suffering from the ‘flu’ when Holy Mary visited me.

I had started praying and then thought ‘why am I so sick?’

At the same time as I complained to myself Holy Mary appeared with a gentle smile.

She spoke, ‘We are very sorry you are so sick but this sickness and suffering My Son gives to you. Would you like to know the reason for this suffering?’

‘It is for Medjugorje so that the plans My Son and I have will be fulfilled. The devil tries to destroy it. Please accept with love all the suffering we give you.’

‘You yourself and the messages we give you are united with Medjugorje. We know how much you love Medjugorje.’

The Blessed Mother then blessed me and with a gentle smile, She left me.

I was very happy to accept what Mary had told me and to offer the sacrifices for this.