28th May, 1992

At night, I was kneeling by my bedside. An Angel appeared in a glorious light. He appeared to be no more than 14 years of age. He had blonde hair reaching down to his shoulders and was clothed in a long white robe.

After a while, a beautiful young girl walked into my room. She also was surrounded by this golden aura.

Smiling, she said, ‘I am St Philomena. Our Lord sent me to come personally to thank you for your prayers to me’

‘I am constantly kneeling before God and interceding for people who ask me to pray on their behalf. My prayers are very powerful.’

‘As you can see, my Angel is always with me and guards and leads me everywhere I go. He makes the way for me, preceding me and making sure all is well.’

St Philomena is very beautiful, filled with goodness and love. She was clothed in a full length white robe without a cincture. Her dark hair fell past her shoulders in waves and on her head was a coronet of white flowers. In her hand was a long stemmed white lily, similar to the St Joseph lily.