5th April

7:00am at home. Jesus was, wearing a white robe, red cloak and pressing a letter to his breast, and said, “My child, look at my heart. I want to tell everyone to consecrate themselves everyday to my Sacred Heart so that they can come very close to me. Never before have I wished that everyone come so near to me as now.” He was silent, then He said, “You live in a most disastrous time. You don’t realise yourselves in what a serious and dark time you live.”

Then He pointed to the letter held to His breast and said, “Look at this letter that I hold to my Sacred Heart. It is a letter such as you write to your very dear ones whom you love and hold in your heart. This is the way in which I wish that everyone would deliver all their dear and loved ones to me. That is the only way that I can protect you all.” He opened up his arms to encompass us all. He continued, “Please, I beg of you, obey me, all of you. I give now, great grace and mercy. So please obey me and come to me, all of you.”

I replied, “Lord Jesus, I understand that we haven’t much time.” Jesus looked concerned for people who don’t believe. He wishes to protect us all before the coming of a great chastisement, now very near.

11:30pm at home. Our Lady appeared with a male angel and said, “Listen, My children, be ready. A very big sign from God will be seen and experienced by you and it is very near. The sign that you will witness is a sign, which never before has been seen or experienced. I beg you, don’t let yourselves doubt or disbelieve because the evil one deceives you and tells you lies. Believe. Believe.”

The angel then said, “All over the world God gives signs and messages, and graces to all kinds of people so as to gather them together. Believe! Believe! Be prepared. Pray! Pray! Pray! There is not much time. Please don’t be deceived or disbelieve one against the other. I am telling you a true word, a holy word from God. All heaven is open, we are among you, trying to help you on earth. Open your eyes! Believe!”