April, 2009 (during Easter)

Holy Mary came to me accompanied by an angel. She smiled and said, “Come, you will witness something beautiful that you prayed for and had some suffering. It will make you very happy and glad that much fruit came out of it.”

In Purgatory, suddenly we were among a lot of people. Inside a building which resembled a church, and also outside were many people. As we passed through the crowd, I noticed people who I had known before their deaths.

One lady smiled at me. She was kneeling down and said, “Hello, love”. I stopped to speak with her, “Ah, it is so nice to see you, but I thought you were in Heaven?” She said, “I have to do this penance now because when I was alive I sat instead of kneeling during Mass”. The Queen of Peace will help us all”.

Blessed Mother then said, “Come, and witness something beautiful” Outside I saw a long procession of people, singing praises to the Queen of Peace because she has opened the gate of Heaven and allowed us to go in. Praise and thanks to God most high.

Holy Mary said, “See, My child, how many souls enter Heaven today. Doesn’t it make you happy to see the result of all the sacrifices you make and offer to My Son.” I answered, “Oh, Blessed Mother this makes me very happy.”

I didn’t understand at the time of my suffering but after this beautiful explanation and what I have just experienced I am honoured to participate in helping the Holy Souls entre Heaven. Thankyou my Holy and Blessed Mother.