Pentecost Sunday, 2009

I saw a white dove approaching me. In the next minute there was a branch of olive in His beak. Then another dove appeared next to the first, and they were pecking at the branch. Then our Lord appeared, smiling and said, “See, I sent the Spirit of Peace to the world, but not everywhere do they accept My peace. Not yet because they are still fighting and killing one another because of evil doers, but I promise you, not in the not too distant future, My Spirit will manifest so powerfully that no one will be capable of refusing it and I shall transform the world in such a peace and harmony that My people will praise Me and love Me like never before.”

“My children, don’t be discouraged and lose hope, but pray for peace and My coming. This will happen soon. I promise.”

“I bless you all on this very special day of Pentecost. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.”