Date unknown (previously unpublished)

Letter to grieving friend in Slovenia

(previously unpublished)

I sent a letter to my friend in Slovenia. My friend had lost two sons and a grandson. She was very grateful for the consolation but her pain was beyond any consolation. I prayed for her, that our Lord would heal her sorrow.


Our Lord Jesus appeared and said, smiling, “My child, tell all people not to grieve so hard when a loved one is taken away from this world. Tell them to be more joyful and pray for their loved one, but you, My children, you have such a weak faith. You behave so badly and you have no hope and you believe that it is the end of everything.”


“When you behave like that, you upset Me very much in front of all the Saints and all Heaven. No, My children! It is not the end of everything! It is the beginning of new life.”


“I told you so when I was living amongst you. I go before you to prepare the way to the House of My Father. If that was not true, I would not tell you. You have to prepare yourselves already here on earth that you wish to come to Me in Heaven, and that you have trust in Me completely. You also have to accept all the crosses and suffering that I send you. This is the only way that you will be worthy to receive your crown and you will be crowned in Eternal Life.”


Lord Jesus gives us a guarantee that He will never desert us and He will love us forever, if we only trust in Him.