19 August 2017

19 August 2017


From time to time Our Lord likes to have a little joke with me. He knows that I go through a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls and then He likes to cheer me up.


Today my room was packed with souls, more than usual. I asked our Lord, “Are these the same souls that were in my room yesterday?”


He said, “No, they are different ones.”


I said to Him, “But so many, my Lord!”


He said, “Valentina, many people are dying. They would all like to go Heaven quickly, so they come to you, to help them.”


Our Lord was very joyful and smiling when He said, “I tell you, this is a never ending story.” We were both smiling.


Our Lord said, ” Valentina! We work with the same mission, which is to save souls. It is all about saving a soul. It means a lot to Me when we converse with each other as we are doing now, because you console Me and I give you strength to carry on.”