Day before Feast Day of St Mary of the Cross 2013

As I walked out of the Westfield Shopping Centre at Parramatta, there was a young man with others
who were giving out some leaflets on religion. I didn’t know which religion. The young man came up
to me and said, “How much do you know Jesus? Do you know our Lord Jesus?”

I smiled at him and said, “Oh yes I know Him very well.

He said, “Lady, do you know there is only Heaven and Hell if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ.”

I said, “I believe, I’m Catholic.”

He then saw the cross that I was wearing around my neck and said, “Throwaway that cross, you
don’t have to wear that. It’s a false image”

I thought to myself, “I’ll throw you away and not the cross.”

I said, “Why should I throwaway the cross?”

He again repeated, “It says in the Bible that you go to Hell or Heaven.”

I said to him, “But what about in between. What about Purgatory, for the souls when they die, to be
purified for the wrongs they have done on earth, before they can go to Heaven?”

“No, it’s not in the Bible”, He continued.

“Well it doesn’t say that in your Bible but it’s a fact, you can’t go to Jesus unless you’re purified one
hundred per cent,” I said.

“It is not enough to only believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. We have to do good works, help the poor
and needy and perform acts of charity. If someone is lying on the street or falls down on the street
wouldn’t you help them get up,” I said to him. The young man answered, “No you don’t have to as long as you believe in Jesus Christ that is enough.”

I couldn’t believe it, but at that moment, a lady that was walking by, suddenly fell to the ground
between me and the young man. I knew right away this was the Hand of God. The young man was
standing there and looking as other passers-by were trying to raise her up.

I said, “Well young man, aren’t you going to help her?” He then very gently tried to lift her up,
without really wanting to touch her.

When she got up she said, “Nothing happened to me I’m fine.”

I said to him, “You see, you have just earned yourself merits for heaven.”

He was amazed. However he went on and on, attacking the Catholic Church, saying the Pope should
be burned, that he is the Antichrist, that all Catholics are black and are demons, and that we are all
going to go to Hell, and that the Blessed Mother is an ordinary woman.

I said to Him, “One day you will be surprised and shocked, when you die and are in Purgatory, you
will be ashamed of your talk about the Mother of God.”

Then he revealed to me, “I was baptized a Catholic, but left because it was the wrong religion.”

I said, “Go back to the true Church. The Catholic church is the Truth, with the institution of the Holy
Eucharist, which God left for us.”

He stubbornly continued, “No, lady, that is all made up by man and you are all wrong, and you are all
going to go to Hell. You are cannibals, you eat Jesus.”

I said, “We are not cannibals, He feeds us with His Heavenly Body. I will pray for you, you will see,
that our Lord will touch you and heal you.”

He was constantly arguing and he would not give in. He would not admit to anything that I had said to
him. When I walked away I said in my heart, ” I looking up to heaven said, Lord, he is a very stubborn case, he is all Yours. I will pray for him that You will touch him and heal him.”

Instantly our Lord spoke to me in my heart. I could see He was smiling and happy and He said,
“Valentina, my child, do you think all that has just happened, what I have demonstrated here, you think you did that yourself? It was I who spoke through you. What you were teaching the young man
actually happened. The lady that fell down was not hurt, as the angel was holding her.”