24th September 2013

When I was praying this morning I had two messengers visiting me. They said, “We were sent to you from Heaven from our Lord Jesus to tell you that you must go to your friend Nives and to console her and give her a word of encouragement. She is very stressful. You must give her hope and consolation”. I said what about her husband Vic, he is very sick.  They told me that he will soon be taken care of by our Lord Jesus. Go soon as soon as you can, don’t delay, they told me.

I was planning to pay a visit to the hospital by bus the same afternoon my friend Nives rang me and was crying over the phone she was very stressed and I told her the message I received that morning. She was relived and she said, my husband Vic is waiting for you. Come tonight my son will pick you up.

We arrived at the hospital at 9.30pm and I was very sad to see Nevis’ husband so sick. We prayed around him the Holy Rosary, the Litany and the Divine Mercy non-stop. For close to two hours with Nives, her son and sister in-law Connie.

Suddenly Vic had a bad turn. He had not spoken, he had been unconscious for 10 days and his breathing was very heavy.

Vic spoke his last words with all his strength, “Jesus, I Trust in You. Jesus, I Trust in You”. I quickly raised my hands and said, “I command Vic’s spirit in your Holy Hands”. All was peaceful around him and he stopped breathing. We cried and we prayed to Holy Mother Mary, Jesus and St. Joseph to come to his aid. It was a most sad experience and happy at the same time. He parted from this world with the words “Jesus I trust in you” on his last breath.

Rest in peace Vic in eternal happiness with our Lord Jesus and His Mother Mary.

I also experienced during all this Blessed Mother Mary was present. It all made sense, that day that I had to go to my friend Nives. Nives had a big inspiration, she said ‘you have to go tonight, Vic is waiting for you”. She was inspired by the Holy Spirit. If I had have gone the next day it would have been too late. We must not delay when someone tells us to do something right away.

Our Lord has always said, ‘it is the obedience that pleases me the most”.

The next morning at Mass which was offered for the late Vic. I received Holy Communion, our Lord came and told me, “Thank you My child for what you have done and all the prayers that were said around Vic for his journey. It was essential for all of his children to be there. Now Valentina your mission is accomplished you can return home”.

Thank you my Lord for all the graces you gave us to be there with your help. Glory and praise to you for ever be merciful to all the dying!

Our Lord Jesus said, “This is a testimony to tell people that I your Lord truly works through you”.

Then He said with a cheeky smile, “How can people say, Valentina, that you are not a true prophet. I will give more and more signs to prove your mission”.

Finally He said, “I want you My child to stay very close to Me because I need your help”.

I thank you my Lord and praise you. Be merciful to us.