This morning whilst I was praying, the angel appeared to me and he said to me to
go with him. He would usually take me to Purgatory to see souls. This time he
took me to a very deep place, it looked like a building, but it was very low, it looked as if it was underground.

We walked amongst the many souls there, most of them were men. I said to the
angel, “Who are these people, all men, what have they done?”

Before the angel even answered one of the men came towards me and said to me,
“We are all priests. There are a lot of priests and bishops here and you can help us.”

I said to him, “What have you done that there are so many of you here?”

He answered, “We have done all kinds of wrong things whilst we were alive.”

They looked very sickly, drawn, with fear on their faces and very pale. A lot of them
had bleeding scratches on their faces, on their hands and other parts of their bodies.

One of them said to me, “We are full of sores all over because we offended our Lord
and had not done our earthly penance.” Another one said, “I have a lot of sores on
my knees, I can’t kneel down because during the Holy Mass I hardly ever went
down on my knees or knelt down during my prayers. So now I have to suffer.”

They were lamenting and telling me all of this and they asked me if I would pray for them.

Then the angel, pointing with his right hand, showed me a building. It was high up,
and on the top of this building, standing on what appeared to be a verandah, I saw Bishop Anthony.

I said to the angel, “But Bishop Anthony is still alive!” The angel replied, “That is
why he is high up, not amongst these souls here. Bishop Anthony can help these
souls. He is a priest and he has the power to release them through the sacrifice of the
Holy Mass and with many prayers. You have to help him.”

It was very sunny when I was brought back home. There, I had contact with more souls.

Originally I had no plans to go to Parramatta. After this experience however, I
decided to go to attend Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

The first person I saw, when I came in front of the Chapel, was Bishop Anthony. I
immediately remembered the vision I had of Bishop Anthony and thought that I
should tell him about it.

He walked towards me and said, “Good morning Valentina.” I replied, “Good
morning your Holiness.” He looked so happy, he really loved that I said your Holiness.

I walked into church and thought, “Oh, I should have told him what I had experienced that morning.”

Before Holy Mass started, the Angel said to me, “You, yourself can offer up all
these priests, while Bishop Anthony celebrates the Holy Mass.”

So I did, I offered them at the foot of the Cross, all these bishops and priests as well
as all the other souls that I met that morning. The angel said to me, “This is a very
powerful Mass, it is very, very powerful. It is a most reverent celebration of the Mass today.”

I was on top of the world, really happy because it will help these poor souls. When I
received Holy Communion and went back to my kneeling place, I could feel that all
those souls were there in the church waiting for relief. I could feel they were all on
my left side as it was frozen cold. The coldness represents a lot of suffering.

These priests were showing me how much they were suffering in Purgatory.

Whatever offences they had committed in the church, or were disobedient during
their lives, they have to pay a very high price in Purgatory.

I will continue to pray for them, I promised.