15th September 2013

I was very sick with pain on my left leg. I was suffering a great deal with my leg and at 5am our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was holding in His Holy hands a golden chalice with the Holy Eucharist.

He said, “I have come to give you strength. I was standing up. He first Blessed my ankle which is mostly painful and swollen.  Then He asked me smilingly, “can you tell me why you suffer so much with this pain? I answered that the Angels had told me. It would be for the Holy Souls. He said, “that is correct, then He blessed my leg and placed the Holy Eucharist on my tongue. The Holy Eucharist was round but had a lacy pattern around the edges.

Then our Lord holding a glass jar in His hands smiled and said, “you know My child, take all the Holy Souls put them in the jar and take them to Church and leave them there, so they will not bother you anymore.

Would you believe Me there is an ever ending story. You fill this jar but there would be more.” We both laughed.

Our Lord always comes with a little joke when I am a little down with pain.