15th August 2013

This morning when I prayed my morning prayers I thanked the Lord and our Blessed Mother for all the graces He gives us. The most beautiful vision appeared to me our Lord Jesus in a luminous light His Holy hands were out stretched out in front of Him. In an instance I see Holy Mother Mary with Angels She kneeled in front of Her Holy Son Jesus. She was so happy our Lord welcomed Her with a smile and joy She too was very joyful.

Next minute the vision changed now I see the Holy Family, Child Jesus and St. Joseph standing there. Then the vision changed again. Now I see our Lord Jesus taken from the Cross and placed in His Mother’s arms, the scenery now changed from joy to sadness. Our Holy Mother Mary was so sorrowful holding Her Son in Her arms, beneath the Holy Cross.

Then our Lord Jesus spoke, “My child the vision you see is the life of Myself and My Holy Mother. She endured so much suffering in Her life. That is why She is worthy of the most highly reward in Heaven that is, Her Assumption, is when She came in Heaven Body and Soul all of Heaven welcomed Her as Queen and Mother of all. The Angels and saints praise the Lord for His Holy Mother. They sing the most enchanting melodies. The whole of Heaven was in ecstasy. Then the Blessed Mother smiled standing near our Lord and said, “Even in Purgatory they rejoice My Assumption and many come to Heaven on this day. But not all My children some are left behind needing more prayers from you My children to help the suffering Souls so they too will come to Heaven one day.

Thank you my Lord Jesus and our Holy Mother Mary I love you. Have mercy on us.