June 2015

Poor Souls suffering due to reconstruction to change their faces
This morning during prayers an Angel appeared saying, “Come with me.”
He took me to Purgatory. We met many souls. They told us they had been there for a long time.
Some women had their teeth all broken, the flesh hanging from their faces.
They told me, “You have no idea how painful it is.”
I asked, “What is it you have done to suffer like this?”
They said they had reconstruction to change their faces while on earth.
“Now we have to suffer for all the wrong we have done. Please help us and pray for us so that we may be forgiven.”
I prayed for them and offered them during Mass. I also offered the pain I suffered for them.
After a few weeks the Angel again took me to Purgatory. We passed through a dilapidated house, deserted and empty. I saw milk sprinkling down inside the place and said, “Where have all the souls gone?”
The Angel answered, “I brought you to this house to witness their suffering. Your prayer and physical pain purified them and lifted them to Heaven. The milk represents the whiteness and purity which cleansed them.”
We went on to another section and I met again the women whose faces were so disfigured. They were very grateful to see us. Their faces were back to normal but they could still feel the pain, putting their hands to their faces. They had to stay in a very narrow confined space like a cupboard. They explained they had to stay there until someone releases them.
Lord, please be merciful to these souls.