28th May 2015

This morning the Angel appeared to me and asked me to come with him. He took me to Purgatory, as he often does.
The place he took me to this morning was a remote place, what appeared to be the basement of a dilapidated building. As we descended into the basement the light radiating from the Angel dimly lit up the space around us. Moving towards us into the light there was a group of men.
The men introduced themselves and told me they are all priests. These priests were dressed in a drab grey colour. They were lamenting how much they have to suffer in Purgatory and were pleading for help from me.
I asked them, “What is it that you did that you now have to suffer for in Purgatory?”
They answered, “We did not do the right things concerning the Law of God, specifically, concerning the celebration of the Holy Mass. We did not give enough reverence to Jesus during Holy Mass. Our homilies were very short and sometimes there were no homilies. The teachings and explanations in our homilies were not proper and truthful. We should have more clearly explained to people the consequences of their sins and how important the Sacrament of Reconciliation is for their souls.”
They said, “There is so much sacrilege in the church in regard to Holy Communion.
We knew in our hearts that it was wrong for us to be giving communion in the hand but we remained silent. This is the biggest sacrilege and now we have to suffer for this.” The whole time they kept stretching out their hands towards me showing me the palms of their hands. That must be their penance that they cannot put their hands down. While I was there with them their suffering was less but after we left they have to go back to the darkness and endure severe penance.
I admonished them by firmly saying to them, “It serves you right. Do you know that most of the messages that I receive are concerning you priests and what goes on in the church, specifically sacrilege in the church. If only you priests would have read my messages and acknowledged the Truth that I received, you would not be here now. But of course you were too proud to listen to private revelation.”
They said, “We now know the Truth but cannot do anything, it is too late for us.”
Two or three of the priests then came very close to me and said, “You know, you really, truly have a holy gift. Don’t keep silent Valentina.”
Later that day I went to Holy Mass and offered up the Souls of the Priests that I saw that morning. I offered them up at the foot of the Holy Cross before Holy Mass began.
That night I hardly slept due to intense bodily suffering and pain. By morning all the pain and suffering disappeared. I asked our Lord, “Was that suffering from You or the devil?” Our Lord smiled and said, “For what you have asked you must suffer.”
It was shown to me that when I offered up these priests at Holy Mass and said to our
Lord, “Dear Lord Jesus, be merciful to these priests, I know that they offended You while they were alive and now they cannot help themselves.”
Our Lord explained to me that prayer and Holy Mass are very powerful in helping Holy Souls. However what helps them the most is when you receive bodily pain and this is offered up for them.