Our Lord Jesus said this morning, “My child, tell the world of My broken
Heart and how it is grieving for them. My Heart is full of goodness,
kindness, love and mercy.”

“Why do people reject Me and still worship the material riches of this
world? This is very harmful for their souls after they depart from the

“My child, now you know how much souls suffer for this in the next life.
You are amazed at how many souls you meet and you help them and then
more come. It is never ending, because people are dying and
constantly begging Me for My mercy. I am very full of pity for them but
they cannot come to meet Me until they are totally purified of all stains.”

“Speak to the people to change their way of life, not to be so attached to
materialism and greed which corrupts their souls so much.”

Have mercy, My Lord.