This morning I had a vision during prayers. The sky appeared, clear and blue.
I wondered, “What is this?” I saw a gold light gathering together. Next, I saw the light separated from left to right. Our Lord Jesus’ holy face appeared, looking down upon the
world. His expression was very sad.

Suddenly huge tears fell down from His eye and fell down to the earth
one after another.

He spoke sadly, “How much I love the world, but only very few people
notice My love for them. I am completely ignored, and all My
commandments are disobeyed. Tell the world that I am willing to forgive
so many offences committed if only they ask.”

“I, the creator of all, have to lower Myself and beg you to come and meet
Me and know Me. I am like a beggar, continually knocking on the doors
of your hearts, but your hearts are like ice. Tell people, with all the
rebellion, I continue to knock on your hearts. I never stop loving you.”

This message is connected to that which is going on in the Parliament
right now violating the sacramental union of man and women.