Saturday 10 January 2015

I was praying the Divine Praises to our Lord Jesus, when I experienced a vision. Two white Holy Hosts appeared before me. They were suspended in the air for a long time. One was all white and the other had an aura of red around it.
Suddenly, two heavenly beings appeared as well. One was an Angel and the other our Lord Jesus, and they both said to me to kneel down in front of them. They were both seated and between them I could see a golden ciborium, and inside the ciborium I noticed was the Holy Eucharist. Then they asked me to say the Act of Contrition. They both asked me, “Would you like to receive Holy Communion?”
I said, “Yes, please.” The Angel then took the Holy Communion from the ciborium in his hand and raised the Host in front of me, before putting it back in the ciborium.
I was thinking, “It looks like I am not worthy to receive it.” I felt a little bit sad inside.
Then our Lord Jesus smiled and said, ‘I will give you a much greater gift.”
I was watching our Lord. Next to our Lord I could see a little box, like a gift box with a small slit opening on top. Through the slit, Our Lord, with His right hand, proceeded to pull out a beautiful lacy wine red fabric. He double-folded the fabric and then He placed it around my neck.
He said, “I cover you with my Precious Blood so the enemy will not have any power over you. The enemy cannot harm you, It is so sweet and powerful you can even taste it.”
Both Our Lord and the angel were smiling when this was said to me.
After Our Lord said this, I took an edge of the fabric and put it in my mouth to taste it. The taste was exquisitely sweet, beyond anything in this world. I was thinking to myself, I can’t eat all of this.”
He then said, “Wear it all the time.”
The lace was a combined deep red wine and purple colour. The lace edges of the fabric were even more intricate and beautifully embroidered with gold. The whole garment was so light. Everything that comes from our Lord in Heaven is so beautiful and perfect.
On Sunday after Holy Mass I met up with my very dear friends, M.. and R.. and Z… As we walked together sharing the Holy Word of Jesus, our Lord suddenly started to be very happy.
He was with us and He said, “Aren’t you going to tell M.. and Z.. and R.. how I cover you with my Precious Blood. They too will be very delighted to hear the Good News. Tell everyone not to fear anyone in the world. When you ask Me to cover you with My Precious Blood, I will personally place Myself, the Garment around you to protect you.
Our Lord Jesus teaches us how His Body nourishes us, gives us life and strength in our daily life and benefits us for Eternal salvation, and will benefit us one day in Heaven. He also teaches us how powerful His Precious Blood is against the enemies that want to harm us.