8th JANUARY, 2005

In church, before the blessing, after receiving Holy Communion.

Jesus spoke, “See, My child, I am offended in all My churches. The Priests are no longer clothed in My proper garments, the one in which I clothed them when they promised to serve Me during their ordination. I expect them to serve Me truly during their life here on earth.”

“While they serve Me during Mass, they wear the garments, but soon after, they change to normal clothing. They think it is not necessary to wear priestly garments afterwards. They follow the worldly look.”

“This offends Me very much. A lot of these changes come into the church because of modernists, who want to create a casual look.”

Our Lord looked at me with a little smile on His face, “Valentina, can you tell Me why they change these things in My churches?” I couldn’t answer, so Jesus said, “Pray, pray for My churches. My Bishops and My Priests, soon they will be enlightened by The Holy Spirit to serve Me as they should.”

Lord have mercy on Your churches and Priests and protect them. Please, people, pray for all Bishops and Priests.