6 January 2015  

Feast of the Epithany
This morning when I suddenly awoke the Angel of the Lord came to me and he said you will be surprised where I will take you today.
The Angel and I suddenly found ourselves in front the Chapel of St Patricks Cathedral Parramatta. The gates of the church were closed. I noticed the time was 4:40am in the morning. As we both came closer to the entrance gates of the church the Angel partially opened the far left, large steel framed gate. Inside, I saw so many souls, all men, very poorly and raggedly dressed, unshaven. These were older grey-haired men and many with beards.
One man came towards us to stop us from entering and said, “Don’t come in. We are very sick. Don’t come near us. We are all priests and we suffer so much and we need your help.”
Then again for a second time the Angel opened the door half-way, so we could see how many souls were inside. I could see that the Chapel was packed, full to capacity with poor souls.
Then I said to the Angel, “Christmas has just passed, I thought that most of the souls would have gone to Heaven.”
He said, “Not all of them go. Some of them need to do more penance and need more cleansing.”
That same day, I had an urge to go to mass to offer all these Holy Souls at the foot of the Cross, so they will benefit from the Holy Mass.
While I was kneeling in church, I could feel the presence of all the Holy Souls that I saw that morning.
They surrounded me, and from my back I could feel a very cold breeze and an intense pressure. It became so cold that I had to put a scarf around my neck, whilst everyone else in the church was feeling the summer heat.
After receiving Holy Communion, Our Lord Jesus said, “My Child, I opened the door twice for you so that you can see how many souls were waiting to be helped. See how many souls are waiting to be helped these are all priests. You were amazed to see how poorly they were dressed.”
He said, “I stripped them of their garments because they offended me terribly when they served me during their life. They are not worthy to wear them.”
Our Lord also asked me, if I could speak to the Priest who was celebrating the Holy Mass so that he could pray for them and offer them in the Holy Mass. That would help them greatly.
After Holy Mass, I approached the Priest and told the story about the Holy Souls and our Lord’s request for Mass to be offered up for these souls. The priest was very happy and said that he would remember them and offer them up during the sacrifice of the Holy Mass.