2 January 2015

When I said my prayers and morning offerings, I had a vision of the holy Angel.
He came and said, “I was sent to you by our Lord Jesus, to take you so that you can see for yourself how many souls need your help. Do not complain when you experience pain in your body but accept it with love.”
I said to the angel, “But sometimes it is hard to bear it.”
In a split moment we were in a very strange place, all open space and very depressing. What I saw was a long chain of open-top carriages. In each carriage I could see only men seated. They were seated so tightly, five in a row, as if they were glued together. They had very sad, expressionless faces and they were all dressed identically in grey clothes. I came very close to them and asked them, “Who are you?
Why are you all sitting so tightly together as if you were glued together?”
I received no response. Their sad faces were just staring at me.
Then the angel said to me, “These are all priests and bishops. They are very sick. They need Masses and prayers to be said for them.”
The angel explained to me, “Here on earth you all go for a flu injection, to prevent you from getting a bad virus.”
He pointed to the souls and said, “They are very sick. They do not need flu injections. They need Masses and prayers to help them. They can only get help when the High Mass is offered for them by Bishop Anthony.”
I casually answered the Angel and said, “But Bishop Anthony is no longer in Parramatta. He is in the City now and I don’t go into the City.”
The Angel listened to what I had said and with a serious tone in his voice he answered me, “You have to go there and tell him. After all, Bishop Anthony. should never have left Parramatta. He was chosen to be there because Parramatta is a large Diocese.”