Sunday 17 January 2016

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta

At the beginning of the Holy Mass, as the Priest, Father Peter Williams, was approaching the Alter, our Lord Jesus said to me “Consider that you have no Bishop here in this Diocese as yet, and it is still far away. This Holy Mass that will be offered by Father Peter Williams today is a High Mass just as if a Bishop was present to celebrate the Mass.”

“Today offer Me everyone that you can think of, including priests and bishops, both living and deceased, so that they will benefit from this High Mass.”

Jesus said, “Imagine, if priests were not to offer Me in the Holy Mass, what would it be like in the world? It would be sad. The world would not survive without the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. It is from sunrise to sunset that I offer Myself over and over again in each Mass throughout the world.”

“The Sacrificial Masses that are offered throughout the world are for the atonement of sins committed in the world. The Masses bring balance between the good and evil in the world.”

I said, ” My Lord, You are above evil, You are above all of this evil. Who can go above You? No one! You are Almighty God.”

Our Lord said, “Just think My child, if you don’t attend Mass and if people are slack to go to Mass, then you cannot defeat evil. At the same time, by attending Mass you help many Souls. The Holy Mass brings many good fruits and each of you benefit from the Mass. You must always think of the priests and bishops and offer them up to Me in the Holy Mass and pray for them.”

Lord Jesus, cover the priests and bishops with Your most Precious Blood so that they will serve and preach Your true Holy Word and that they will teach Your people.