16 January 2016

People must decide for God now!

In the morning, while I was praying, the angel appeared to me.

He said, “I come to remind you that since you live in very difficult and dangerous times our Lord sent me to tell you that He wishes people to decide now to come back to God”

“Just like an election when you go to vote, so too people must decide for God. Tell people not to wait too long, as time is passing very fast and the opportunity that is given to you now will not last.”

At the same time the angel was telling me this I had a vision. I could see many people that are alive today and that are familiar to me. They were standing in a long queue in front of a building, like they would during an election waiting to cast their vote.

Full of emotion and not wanting to miss out, I said to the angel, “I must go too and line up to vote.”

In that instant, a very tall and beautiful lady, appeared before me. I felt in my heart, that she was a saint from heaven. She came up close to me and very gently encircled her hands around my head and said, “No, not you. You are whole with God.”

I became so emotional and started crying.

She asked, “Why are you crying?”

I said, “I’m crying because I am not worthy of all of this.”

The lady consoled me and said, “Don’t cry, you should be very happy and very grateful to our Lord, and thank Him. You should be very happy that you belong to Him.”

The vision then ended.

The angel and the saintly lady from Heaven, really urged me to tell people that they must decide for God now. They said that there is not much time left.

Although this is a short message, it is an extremely urgent one.